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All you need to know about library membership, borrowing and loans

From 1 September 2021 we made it easier for you to manage your library loans: we introduced auto-renewal and do not charge fines for the late return of library resources.

Under normal circumstances, and provided no-one else has requested them, most items borrowed on or after 1 September 2021 auto-renew at the end of their loan period. If an item is requested by someone else it will be recalled and you will have 7 days to return it.

Read more about this, including who and what auto-renewal applies to and what happens if you don't return a requested loan on time, by clicking here.

If you are in possession of library resources borrowed prior to 1 September 2021 (all of which were due to be returned by 1 October 2021) it is important that you read this guidance to ensure auto-renewal applies to any items you wish to retain after 1 October 2021.