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All you need to know about library membership, borrowing and loans

What is auto-renewal?

Auto-renewal means that when you borrow an item from the Library the loan is automatically renewed on a rolling basis. How often an item auto-renews depends on its loan type. For example, renewals are attempted every three weeks for standard loans and every 7 days for one week loans

Who and what does auto-renewal apply to?

It applies to any item checked-out on or after 1 September 2021, except those borrowed as a result of an inter-library loan request.  It applies to all library members, including members of staff, but differs slightly for external members*.

*See 'How do auto-renewals differ for external members of the Library?' 

How long does a loan continue to auto-renew?

An item will continue to renew until: 

  • You finish with it and return it to the Library, or
  • Someone else requests it, or
  • Your library account is frozen*, or
  • You complete your course and your library account expires.

*See 'What happens if I don't return a requested loan on time?'

What happens if someone requests an item I have on loan?

You will be notified, by BGU email, and will have 7 days - from the due date stated on the email - to return it to the Library. For this reason, please check your BGU email account regularly, or set up auto-forwarding to your personal email address. 

Minimum loan periods apply. For example, you will not be required to return a one-week loan if it has been on loan to you for less than one week. 

What happens if I don't return a requested item on time?

Once an item is recalled you will receive a series of reminder emails at your BGU email address. If you do not return the item within 7 days your library account will be frozen. This means you will be unable to borrow or request library resources and any other items you have on loan will not renew. Your library account will be unfrozen as soon as you return the outstanding item/s.

Importantly, once your account is unfrozen you must manually renew all of your other loans to re-activate auto-renewal on your account (see instructions below).

Can I still visit the Library if my library account is frozen?

Yes. You can visit and study in the Library and use online resources if your library account is frozen.

What happens if I manually renew items instead of waiting for them to auto-renew?

Provided none of them have been requested by someone else they will renew for the normal loan period, from the day you renew them. For example, if you manually renew a standard loan the due date will jump forward 3 weeks. Any items requested by someone else will fail to renew and you will be expected to return them by the due date.

*See 'What happens if I don't return a requested item on time?'

How can I check what I have on loan?

At any point you can login to your library account to see what you have on loan. For instructions on how to do this click here.

How do auto-renewals differ for external members of the Library?

There is a small variance to the standard procedure. There is no limit to the number of times your loans will auto-renew as an external member*. However, if an item you have on loan is requested by someone else your library account will be frozen as soon as the due date passes and unfrozen as soon as the requested item is returned. Whilst your library account is frozen you cannot borrow or request additional library resources and other items you have on loan will not renew (automatically or otherwise).  After you have returned the requested item, you can restart automatic renewals by renewing them.  Contact us if you require assistance with this.

*Members of the Library who are not current students or members of staff.

Do you charge fines for overdue library loans?

No, as of 1 September 2021 we no longer charge fines for the late return of library loans.

Why have you made this change to the way loans are renewed?

We believe it is fairer and more equitable than the previous system; you don't have to remember to renew your loans regularly and you can keep items as long as you need, provided they are not requested by anyone else. We were also keen to move away from a system based on financial penalties.