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About BGU Library: Quality Assurance

An introduction to the Library in general

Formal and Informal Feedback

One of the ways we inform and enhance library provision is by analysing and evaluating relevant feedback.

We use data from module evaluations (internal to BGU, collected towards the end of each semester), the National Student Survey (a national, annual survey open to final year undergraduates) and the BGU Student Satisfaction Survey (an internal, annual survey, open to all BGU students), as well as informal feedback gathered at the Library's Service Desk and two Enquiry Desks. 

Each year we publish a formal response to the BGUSSS, the most recent of which can be found below.

Periodic Enhanced Review

Student-facing professional support departments such as Library Services undergo an (internal) process of periodic enhanced review every five years. The last review of Library Services took place in April 2014.  'Full confidence' was expressed in the department by the review panel and the library team were particularly commended for:

  • Their highly supportive staff;
  • The range of new initiatives introduced to enhance the service;
  • The excellent facilities;
  • High levels of student satisfaction.