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Copyright for BGU Staff

A basic introduction to copyright for BGU staff

All books and journals are copyrighted.  However, the University is licensed by the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) to allow staff and students to re-use excerpts from most* published books and journals for learning and teaching purposes. The CLA's revenue is paid out as royalties to copyright owners.

Staff are permitted to re-use 10% or one chapter/article (whichever is greater) from each book or journal issue, per module, for learning and teaching purposes.  This means photocopying enough copies for everyone on a module, or getting the item scanned and uploaded to Blackboard (see separate section below).

* The CLA's permission checker tool will tell you if a particular book or journais covered by their licence. If it's not, you have the option of using the education exceptions outlined elsewhere in this guide.


The easiest way to share a book chapter or journal article with students is to get it scanned and uploaded to Blackboard.  All that's needed is the completion of a CLA Scan Request eform on SharePoint and the Library team will do the rest*.

Not all books and articles are eligible to be scanned but the Library team will perform all of the appropriate checks when you submit your request.

If the University doesn't have access to the book or journal in question you will need to complete a Copyright Fee Paid request eform. This will prompt the Library team to request a copy of the item from the British Library. Once received, you will be notified and can then complete a CLA Scan Request eform to get the item uploaded to Blackboard.

*Only the Library team may upload copyrighted materials to Blackboard. This is because each item must be centrally logged and reported to the CLA.