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Copyright for BGU Staff

A basic introduction to copyright for BGU staff

The University is, by law, the owner (i.e. the rights holder) of any intellectual work created by members of staff in the course of their contractual duties, irrespective of the format or where and how the items were produced.  The University also holds the copyright on any recordings of teaching sessions made as a result of lecture capture.

The above means that if you change jobs you cannot normally take teaching materials created by you at one institution and use them at another institution without permission, unless you are formally credited as the author. If you are credited as the author you may take materials created by you at one institution and use them at another institution, but only if the materials remain largely unchanged; edit them significantly for use at the other institution and the intellectual property policy of the other institution will apply.

Neither can you take teaching materials created by someone else at one institution and use them at another without permission. In the same vein, you are not permitted to use, for teaching purposes at BGU, published works that you downloaded whilst working at another institution (e.g. journal articles downloaded from the institution’s library databases).

When it comes to research and other scholarly works produced by BGU staff members, the University automatically grants copyright to the author/s, thus allowing them to transfer copyright to any business or organisation that accepts their work for publication. 

The owner of any intellectual work created by a student as part of their studies is the student, subject to the existence of any prior agreement to the contrary.

Click here to read the University's Intellectual Property Policy.