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A Library Services subject guide


Hello Education & Teaching students! 

This subject guide has been created for you if you are studying an education or teaching-related programme at Bishop Grosseteste University: Education Studies, Early Childhood Studies, Special Education Needs & Inclusion, Applied Studies, Primary Teaching Studies, PGCE Primary or PGCE Secondary.  It may also be of use to those of you studying with us on higher degrees.

We hope you find these pages useful; if you have any suggestions as to how they could be improved, or if you just have a question, please get in touch by clicking on the Email Me links on the right.  See below for more information about which of us to contact for your subject.

Janice Morris, BA (Hons) DipLib MEd MCILIP
Subject Liaison Librarian for all Initial Teacher Training programmes

Susan Rodda, BA MSc (Econ)
Subject Liaison Librarian for Education Studies, SENI

New books

New!! Online Resources

Teaching Times / Nursery World / Child Protection Hub/ Sage Research Methods

All these resources are  accessible from our Databases A-Z pages at (see ‘new’ resources on the right of the homepage).  In addition, SAGE Research Methods is searched via WorldCat, and PsycArticles will be shortly.   

Teaching Times
Search the 'Library' or 'Knowledge Banks' areas to find articles about schools and teaching. Please note that when using the 'Knowledge Banks' section of this site you may see a message indicating that a further login or subscription is required – if you are on campus, or have logged in off-campus, this is not the case: you actually have full access to the whole of the Teaching Times resource (the publisher is aware of this issue).

Nursery World
Full access to the Nursery World website, including articles from the magazine (2000 to the present) as well as information on practice, activities, legislation and management.

Child Protection Hub
A central information service for child protection issues. Includes guidance, policy documents, executive summaries and media coverage.

SAGE Research Methods
A large collection of books, dictionaries, encyclopedia, articles and videos relating to research and research methods. (Does not include access to 'cases' or 'datasets'.)

Applied Studies Liaison Librarian

ITT Liaison Librarian

Janice Morris, BA (Hons) DipLib MEd MCILIP's picture
Janice Morris, BA (Hons) DipLib MEd MCILIP

Education Studies Liaison Librarian

Susan Rodda, BA MSc (Econ)'s picture
Susan Rodda, BA MSc (Econ)