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Access WorldCat reading lists for the modules you are studying.

Reading Lists

To help you find the resources recommended by your lecturers the Library team replicates module reading lists in WorldCat using a feature called WorldCat Lists*.  The lists include all the usual books, ebooks and articles, but not weblinks (as weblinks aren't catalogued on WorldCat).  You can use Sort to change the order and Citation View to view and export lists in APA 6th style. (NB. WorldCat is known to omit edition information from its APA citations so it's important to double-check them).

Remember also that within each WorldCat record you can view any alternative editions of a book held by our Library by clicking on the editions and formats link.

Please note that where a list includes print copies but no ebook copy of a particular title it is usually because an ebook version of the title has yet to be published (we always purchase ebook versions of reading list material, if available).

* You can use the Lists feature of WorldCat yourself: it can be especially useful for assignment research to save lists of the resources you find when searching WorldCat. To start creating your own lists you'll need a WorldCat account - go to WorldCat and click on WorldCat: Sign In in the top right of the screen. NB. WorldCat accounts are completely separate from BGU Library Accounts.



Understanding Reading Lists

Not sure what the information on your reading lists means?  Take a look at our quick guide below.

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