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Access reading lists for the modules you are studying.

From September 2018 onwards, BGU is introducing a new online reading list system called My Reading.   It is likely to take up to two years to transfer all programmes over to the new system.  Reading lists for the following programmes / modules are ALREADY LIVE: 

  • Archaeology: All modules, all years, except for ARC225 (Professional Contexts) and ARC226 (Field School).
  • English: ENG403, ENG501, ENG506
  • Counselling: all modules, all years
  • Geography: all modules, all years, except for GEO336 (Dissertation)
  • Health and Social Care: all modules, all years
  • History: HIS121, HIS124, HIS125, HIS126, HIS127 and HIS128 
  • Mathematics: all modules, all years (does not include mathematics modules taught in the School of Teacher Development)
  • PGCE Primary (all routes)
  • PG Cert. in General Practice Nursing: PCC703, PCC705, PCC707
  • TESOL: All first year BA modules and all MA modules

All of the above can be accessed via the My Reading link in Blackboard or by typing in a module code at The above list will be updated as and when lists are transferred to the new online system.

Programmes / modules NOT listed above should continue to use the subject links in the 'WorldCat Lists' box below; you should also expect to find Word/PDF copies of your reading lists on Blackboard.

The above lists contain a variety of different resources including books, articles, journals, weblinks, scanned chapters and audio-visual materials. Each item on a list is given one of five 'importance tags': essential, core, recommended, further or set text.  Importance tags are designed to show how important an item is in comparison to other items on the list, and what sort of library access you should expect.  To see a definition of each importance tag click here.  

What are reading lists?

Reading lists are compiled by your tutors to supplement what you learn in class, build up your knowledge, and develop subject expertise.  They usually contain a mixture of books, articles, websites and other materials and can vary in length.   The items listed are often categorised by importance, e.g. essential reading, core reading, recommended reading, further reading.

Understanding reading lists

Not sure what the information on your reading lists means?  Take a look at our quick guide below.

WorldCat Lists

Below are links to WorldCat Lists: copies of the reading lists you find on Blackboard, but created within WorldCat. They include books, ebooks and articles, but not weblinks (weblinks aren't present in WorldCat).  You can use Sort to change the order and Citation View to view and export lists in APA 6th style. (NB. WorldCat is known to omit edition information from its APA citations so it's important to double-check them).

Access the reading lists for your subject by clicking on the relevant link below:

Applied Studies / Professional Studies
Early Childhood Studies
Education Studies
English Literature
History & Heritage
MA in Education
PGCE Secondary
Primary Education / Primary Teaching
Special Educational Needs and Inclusion
Theology and Ethics


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