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Access reading lists for the modules you are studying.


In 2018 the University began a two-year programme to transfer all reading lists into a new online system called My Reading.  Most courses now have some or all reading lists in this system. You can access them via Blackboard (look for the My Reading button on each module site) or click here and search by module code.  Notable exceptions currently include:

  • Theology, Philosophy and Ethics
  • Sport, Coaching and PE
  • Professional Studies
  • Sociology
  • Most MA programmes

For modules that have not yet been transferred into the My Reading system, clicking on the My Reading button in Blackboard will direct you to a traditional reading list (often a Word document).  It is expected that most lists will be transferred into the new system by autumn 2020.  

To enquire about a specific My Reading list contact your Subject Librarian.

What is a reading list?

Each module has its own reading list: a list of resources compiled by your tutors designed to supplement what you learn in class and help you to develop subject knowledge and expertise.  They usually contain a mixture of books, articles, websites and other materials and can vary in length according to the subject being taught.   

Each item on a reading list is allocated an importance tag (essential reading, core reading, recommended reading, further reading or set text) indicating the relative importance of each item and the level of library access you might expect.  For a definition of each importance tag click here.  

Understanding a reading list

Not sure what the information on a reading list means?  Take a look at our quick guide below.

The My Reading software

My Reading is a piece of software commercially known as Talis Aspire.  Benefits include the ability to link directly to online content and the library catalogue (WorldCat); features such as filtering, searching and exporting lists; and being able to set your own reading intentions.  We have produced two short videos about the My Reading system, accessible from our How-To Guides and Videos page:

  • An Introductory Tour (approx. 3 mins)
  • A Comprehensive Tour  (approx. 6 mins; includes the introductory content + additional features)