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Subject Librarians: Your Subject Librarians

We are a team of six subject librarians who work on your behalf to ensure that our library resources meet your needs. If you have a question about the resources for your subject feel free to email us at the addresses below.



As a student you can book a 1-to-1 appointment with a librarian to learn how to make the most of the millions of books, articles and other resources we provide access to.  1-to-1 appointments will either be with Rachel, StephenSusan or Janice: to find out which person to contact about which subject, or to make a booking, CLICK HERE.

Charlotte Everitt, BA (Hons) PGDip CertEd MCLIP

Charlotte is Subject Librarian for Archaeology,
English, Geography, Heritage and History

Susan Rodda, BA MSc (Econ)

Susan is Subject Librarian for Business, Drama,
Education Studies, SENI, and Theology

Stephen Macdonald BA (Hons) MA

Stephen is Subject Librarian for Counselling, Health
and Social Care, Psychology, Sociology and Sport

Emma Sansby, BA (Hons) MA MCLIP

Emma is Subject Librarian for Mathematics


Janice Morris, BA (Hons) DipLib MEd MCLIP

Janice is Subject Librarian for Initial Teacher
Training, TESOL and Children's Literature

Rachel Stewart, BSc (Hons) Pg Dip (Econ)

Rachel is Subject Librarian for Early Childhood, Professional Studies and doctoral level study.