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Students with Additional Needs

Library services and facilities for students with SENs.

Library Services is located in the Cornerstone Building.  The building is on two floors and is fully accessible. A lift is provided and both floors have accessible toilet facilities.

Off the building foyer is a small rest room - available on an on-demand basis - with a sink, easy chair and footstool, and somewhere to lie down.

In the event of an emergency evacuation there are wheelchair refuge points at the top of both stairwells and at the first floor fire escape at the north end of the building.  Fire alarms flash red when activated.

All shelving units are six shelves high.  Higher shelves are therefore likely to be out of reach for wheelchair users, however a phone call to us in advance of your visit will ensure that there is help available should you need it.

Dimmable lights have stickers on the switches indicating that they are dimmable.

Facilities are provided for individual, group, computer-based and silent study.  The quietest areas of the building are the Silent Study Suite and Lincolnshire Collection. Lunchtime is the busiest part of the day.  It is usually quieter in the evenings and at weekends.