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Toolkit for Diversifying Reading Lists

Reviewing content in the context of social justice and decolonisation

Diversifying reading lists is just one aspect of decolonisation in education. The links below explore other aspects and approaches to this important work, which here at BGU is championed by the TILIIs group.

 Decolonisation of the curriculum – a conversation, by Dr Kay Hack | Advance HE (2020)

Decolonise the curriculum, by Pran Patel | TEDxNorwichED (2019)

Decolonising the curriculum, by Melz Owusu | TEDxUniversityofLeeds (2017)

Decolonising education: past and present, a podcast with Sara Khan and Sara Bafo | DCSA on Spotify (2020)

Decolonising the curriculum – How do I get started?, by Rowena Arshad | THE (2021)

Decolonising the curriculum | BBC Bitesize (2020)

Moncrieffe, M. et al (eds.), Decolonising the curriculum: teaching and learning about race equality. Brighton, UK: University of Brighton Press. Volume 1 (July 2019) | Volume 2 (December 2019) | Volume 3 (July 2020) | Volume 4 (May 2021) 

Click here for other works by Dr Marlon Moncrieffe, Principal Lecturer at the University of Brighton and lead editor on the above journal.

The Runnymede Trust | Education Publications  (A leading UK race equality think tank).

Why decolonising the curriculum is a job for teachers, by David Russell | Tes Magazine (2020)