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Toolkit for Diversifying Reading Lists

Reviewing content in the context of social justice and decolonisation

Once you begin the review process you are likely to want to investigate alternative resources.  Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Use the library catalogue (WorldCat). In addition to performing standard searches, you could try the browse the shelf feature which lets you see other titles in our Library at the same shelfmark (NB. not every WorldCat record has this feature). You might also find the Libraries Worldwide search useful in identifying potentially relevant resources not yet stocked by our Library.

  • Consult bibliographies and further reading lists in tried-and-tested resources you’ve used before.  

  • Consult publisher websites and sign up to their email updates to stay informed about new publications.  

  • Browse public reading lists for similar modules taught elsewhere (search online for "[university name] reading lists").  

  • Use open access sites like DOAB, DOAJ, CORE, and Unpaywall, all of which provide global book and journal content. NB. Many more open access sources are listed on the Library’s A-Z Databases site (All Database Types > Open Access). 

  • Find a book in Amazon and look at the recommendations under 'frequently bought together' or 'products related to this item'.  

  • Ask your students for suggestions.  

  • Check out Global Social Theory. It's not clear when the site was last updated, but you may find the sections on concepts, thinkers and topics useful.