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Members of Staff: Databases, Journals & eBooks

Everything you need to know about using the University Library


Library Services provides access to a large number of databases, all of which are listed on our Databases A-Z site.  Some, exclusively contain journal content and some also incorporate ebooks.  The remainder tend to be collections of documents (like JISC Historical Texts), reference articles (like Britannica Online and the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography), or current awareness resources (like Issues Online, Optimus Education Knowledge Centre and Childlink).

Most of our journal databases integrate with our library catalogue, WorldCat.  The remainder - the document, reference, image and current awareness resources referred to above - do not integrate with WorldCat and must be accessed separately via Databases A-Z. To see which databases can and can't be searched via WorldCat go to Databases A-Z, click on the All Database Types drop-down box and select Searchable via WorldCat or Not Searchable via WorldCat.

If you search WorldCat and find an article the Library doesn't provide access to you have the option of placing an inter-library loan request.  


The vast majority of the journals we subscribe to are online. They can be searched via WorldCat and browsed via BrowZine.  

For guidance on how to access journals and journal articles click on the Using Journals link below.

We recommend that you install our browser extension, LibKey Nomad. Once installed, if you are searching the web and come across an article that we provide access to a screen alert will be displayed. Instructions for adding the extension are below. If we don't provide access to a particular article you have the option of placing an inter-library loan request.  

Current issues of print journals are on the ground floor next to the Enquiry Desk.  All are reference only.  Back issues must be requested from the Service Desk (WorldCat will show show far back the print holdings go).


The Library provides access to thousands of e-books via several e-book platforms.  Except for some more specialist collections, like JISC Historical Texts, all e-books are accessible via WorldCat.  You can also browse e-books via WorldCat's Browse eJournals and eBooks function, or access each e-book platform separately via Databases A-Z

The majority of our e-books have been individually selected by the Library team because they are on a module reading list or complement our print collections.  The remainder are accessible as part of a subscription package.  


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