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Online Resources: Introduction

Everything you need to know about our online resources.

Introduction to Online Resources

  • Online resources include our library catalogue, WorldCat, and the dozens of databases we provide access to that contain curated collections of journal articles, ebooks, documents and images.
  • Access to online resources is automatic when on campus. If you use WorldCat or A-Z Databases off-campus you will be prompted to login using your usual BGU credentials.
  • If you regularly study off-campus or use search tools like Google Scholar we recommend you download LibKey Nomad (click here for installation instructions). LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that displays an onscreen alert when you find an article that the Library provides access to, thus removing the need to check WorldCat separately.


WorldCat is our library catalogue and discovery tool and contains records of all the resources we provide access to, including books & ebooks, journals & ejournals, reports, DVDs and items from the Teaching Resources Collection like puppet bags, resource packs and artefact boxes. Online resources like ebooks and full text articles open directly from WorldCat.  To learn more about WorldCat click here.

Databases and e-Journals

All databases can be accessed from A-Z Databases. Many also integrate with WorldCat, meaning your search results may include a mixture of physical resources that you can borrow and online resources that you can read onscreen.

A-Z Databases contains a list of, and links to, all databases that the Library provides access to via subscriptions and licences, plus a number of open access databases that are freely available to anyone.   You can filter databases by subject and type, and view which databases are searchable via WorldCat; simply click on the All Database Types drop-down box and select either Searchable via WorldCat or Not searchable via WorldCat. Clicking on the title of a database will open it in a new window.  

Our online resources include over 30,000 full-text e-journals.  For advice about how to search for and access these, and the articles they contain, see our Using Journals guide below.

eJournal / eBook Checker

The tab at the top of the page marked eJournal / eBook Checker opens in a new window.  It's a really useful feature of WorldCat that often gets overlooked, and we think it deserves more attention!  It's useful because it allows you to a) check if we have full-text access for a particular journal and b) browse and search all of our ebook collections at the same time.