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Copyright for BGU Students

General rules of copyright

General rules of copyright are as follows:  

  • The term All Rights Reserved normally means the rights holder does not permit an item to be re-used.
  • Some rights holders allow their works to be re-used in specific circumstances, e.g. for non-commercial or educational purposes.  If this is the case it should be explicitly stated, e.g. "This item can be freely used for educational purposes" OR the rights holder will have chosen to apply a standard licence, like a Creative Commons licence.  
  • Sometimes a rights holder will allow a work to be freely re-used without any restrictions at all.  If this is the case it should be explicitly stated OR the rights holder may have chosen to apply CC0 (CC zero). 
  • If a work contains no copyright statement at all it must be assumed that the item cannot be re-used. 

However, students of the University are permitted to copy from a variety of books and other resources (copying that might not otherwise be permitted) by virtue of copyright licences and legal exceptions. There's more on these on subsequent pages.