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All Change: Home

It's All Change at BGU Library this summer! 

Read on to find out more...


The week ahead: week beginning 5 August 2019

All stock has now been relocated and re-labelled, thus completing the main phase of the project.  This week will be spent updating the guidance at the end of each row of shelves to reflect the new sequence and we'll start to update our Subject LibGuides with more detailed guidance at subject level.  We have also produced a new LibGuide specifically about Dewey Decimal Classification, which can be viewed here.

Our new self-service facilities are now available.   The new self-service machines work differently to the old ones, and the process of issuing and returning books is much faster.  Please note that books issued under the old system are likely to set off the security alarms when you enter the Library - please don't worry if this happens - we are expecting it!

What's the Aim of the Project?

Every single book in the Library is being removed from the shelves and put back in a different order. This is because we are switching classification systems.  At the same time, the Library’s self-service machine and security system are being replaced. 

We are doing this for a number of reasons, but mainly to make resources easier to find and borrow, to modernise our systems, and to improve library workflows behind the scenes.  Ultimately the project is designed to enhance your experience of using the Library, and to help us help you make the most of BGU's library resources.  

The bulk of the work will happen between Tuesday 28 May (Bank Holiday week) and Friday 2 August 2019. Work to update guiding and user guides will continue throughout August.

Which Classification System Are You Switching From and To?

We use Bliss Classification and we are switching to Dewey Decimal Classification

Bliss is an alphanumeric system that starts at A and ends at Z; most Bliss shelfmarks are made up primarily of letters, with the odd number included, e.g. JKA9 or PWA.  

Dewey is a numeric system that starts at 000 and ends at 999.  Dewey shelfmarks are always at least three numbers long. If longer than 3 numbers there is always a decimal point between the third and fourth number, e.g. 371.2 or 302.3. Unlike Bliss, each Dewey shelfmark includes the first three letters of the author's surname, meaning books can be shelved first by shelfmark and then in author order.  

The document below is a map between Bliss and Dewey.

How Will It Affect Me?

Between 28 May and 2 August: There will be some disruption in some areas of the Library and restricted access to stock.  All study areas will remain open except for Seminar Rooms 4 and 5, the Meeting Room on the ground floor, and the ground floor study tables that face onto Newport

Importantly, some stock needs to be stored in crates for the duration of the project.  If you need any of the crated stock, or stock from any other restricted area, members of the library team will be on hand to retrieve it for you. 

In late July the self-service machine may be out of action for a day or so whilst it is replaced with two new ones. At the same time there may also be some disruption at the library entrance whilst new security antenna are installed; access to the Library will however be retained at all times.

After 2 August: If you were used to going to a certain set of shelves to find books on a certain subject, the books will likely have moved to a different part of the Library.  They may even have moved floors. Printed guidance will be available explaining what has moved where and staff will also be on hand to guide you.

We'll have two brand new self-service machines that use RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology, meaning you'll no longer have to scan each book individually when you borrow a pile of them.

Books should be easier to find on the shelves as (most) will have the first three letters of the author's surname displayed on the spine label, after the shelfmark.

How Will You Keep Us Informed?

As well as this page, we will use the Staff and Student Portals, Blackboard, noticeboards around the building, bookmarks, and our Facebook, Twitter & Instagram accounts (@bishopglibrary) to keep you updated throughout the summer.   We will also be emailing MA and research students directly, as we know they can be heavy users of the Library during the summer months.

What If I Have A Question About The Changes?

Email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.